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Take off the British referendum geometry effect on China's hardware industry?

Author: Panther   Time: 2016/6/29 16:38:54

These days, one thing is in a heated discussion all over the world is "British Europe". UK referendum on June 24, from the European Union, this is not only to the eu, the UK is a great event, many experts argue in today's world economic globalization, is bound to all walks of life have a profound impact on the global market. So, the referendum off the geometry effect on China's hardware industry? Product that in general the impact is not big, but the foreign trade aspect is the trade-off.

From the point of near, the European, the pound and the euro are facing "devaluation" yuan relative rise, in the UK or Europe to buy the same goods will cost less renminbi. But for the export of hardware products is definitely a bad news, relative renminbi appreciation will make the products in the UK and continental Europe less attractive, profits hurt exporters. But, fortunately, although the UK is China's important trading partners, the china-uk bilateral trade only accounts for 2% of China's total trade volume, the proportion of the hardware industry is lower, so take off the British influence on China's hardware industry is extremely limited.

Seen from far, the liberal trade tend to be significantly better than many continental European countries for a long time, not long ago, global economic growth lead to trauma, iron and steel industry is in the west has been out of the so-called China iron and steel "dumping" hype, attitude to China for trade protection, the British insisted on free trade. Away from the European Union after means that the British are free to say no longer restricted to the eu, in addition, the less the eu that "tree" the desire to outside the eu to achieve better bilateral trade agreements, may let the UK and China closer together in some way. "Made in China" will reduce many hardware into the UK market barriers.

Fortunately in the at the same time we should also recognize that the eu has long been inclined to take trade protection policy, because the UK is within the eu for trade and investment liberalization is the most active country, so many Chinese companies called the "channel" in Europe. If the British European success, China by Britain the "channel" in collaboration with the European Union's strategic plan would be fraught with difficulty. Without the Britain of the eu, under the attitude of trade protectionism, China's enterprise hardware or hardware products to enter the European continent, is difficult.

But now, just a referendum over, Britain all Europe will be a long process of law. And if Britain is to get rid of the European Union a series of agreements, not out of the common market, and the European Union continues to exist between the win-win trade relations is not impossible. So, to take off the this matter, some people say that good: "if you don't fry, do foreign trade, outbound tourism, shopping abroad, study abroad, take off the little to do with you, a week moved a small bench at most onlookers, then becomes the basic population." For hardware industry, too, if you don't do import and export trade, we can only see a "political divorce".