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Panther company website edition correction to recognize online!

Author: Panther   Time: 2016/6/29 16:45:53

Panther company website edition correction to recognize online!

Founded in 2003 in Dongguan Dalang with former name JingTu, the company moved to Tangxia town in 2010 due to scale expansion and renamed as Panther China Limited. The company total floor area is 3800 square meters. The company is managed in strict accordance with the production quality management system & procedure of ISO9001:2008 and acquires ISO14001 certificate, too.

The company is people-oriented and devotes to integrate talents, quality, service and brand together to continuously improve technological processes and enhance production quality. We have established strategic partnership with qualified suppliers in order to create move values for our customers.

The company always adheres to the "market-oriented and customer-focused" development direction and successfully win the long-term optimization, efficiency promotion, service enhancement and diligent corporate culture, with rich professional experience and solid foundation, rigorous style of work, the spirit of constantly pioneering spirit, the company keeps striving to create satisfactory service to our customers.